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tax problem: levies have been filed

If levies and other fines have been filed against you by the IRS, Ira S. Lipkin & Associates can negotiate on your behalf with the IRS.

Levies are much more severe than liens. Whereas a lien is a claim used as a security for your tax debt, a levy seizes your property to satisfy your tax debt.

If the IRS levies your bank account, you have 21 days to fix the problem. If you ignore the notice and/or do nothing, the bank will freeze your account and send the balance directly to the IRS

If you receive a levy notice, you must act now. Immediately contact Ira S. Lipkin!

Levies can be prevented if you act quickly. We will take the necessary action to protect you. We will negotiate with the IRS and request a Stay of Collections, giving Ira S. Lipkin up to 3 months to examine the situation and plan a strategy to settle your tax debt.

Whether you pay the tax owed, enter into an installment agreement, offer in compromise, or determine there is an economic hardship, levies can be released.

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