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tax problem: You have received a notice of an IRS audit

IRS tax Specializations

IRS Tax Specializations

Regardless of whether you believe a notice of audit is valid, responding to an audit and appearing before the IRS can be an intimidating experience. No matter how simple your return, and even if you believe you've been honest and filed your return correctly, Lipkin & Associates advises you to not take on the task of meeting with the IRS without professional representation.

As a former Revenue Agent and Appeals Officer, Ira S. Lipkin understands the workings of the IRS, and how to deal with an audit. Alone, you are at the mercy of numerous challenges to your tax return. With Ira S. Lipkin at your side, the process will be smooth, unintimidating, and all IRS questions will be anticipated. Let us help you prepare for the audit, and represent you in the professional manner that is necessary to achieve optimum results.

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